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Dezmin Humphryis

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I Had No Safeword

For my Digital Media assignment at Academy of Design Australia, we were tasked with creating a poster for one of Amnesty International's campaigns. I chose their anti-torture campaign.The UN Convention against Torture was written only 30 years ago, and Amnesty International was behind the charge to introduce it. But this has not made torture cease to exist. Amnesty International have reported on 141 countries for breaking the Torture Convention; That’s three quarters of the world, and only in the last five years. The biggest problem countries include; Nigeria, Mexico, Phillippines, Uzebekstan, China, and North Korea. Even Australia has been reported on for its detention camps. These cases are not some random person torturing victims, they are by governments and systematic organizations torturing their own people. Amnesty International is fighting torture by insisting that lawyers be present during interrogations. That doctors are able to examine detainees. That torture-drawn confessions cannot be used in courts. Detainees can see their families. And that anyone involved with inflicting torture is brought to justice.

Arts et design/LCI Melbourne/I Had No Safeword - Amnesty International Poster

I Had No Safeword - Amnesty International Poster

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