Aina Terrés Arcarons

Aina Terrés Arcarons

Design de mode
LCI Barcelona


Design fashion project. Erythematosus talks about the Lupus, an illness that affects my father. The malady causes inflammations in the joints and spots in the skin. In my collection I represent these with engravings. Moreover, there are also metallic pieces that represent the antibodies that attack the body. Besides this, the fringes correspond to the retirement of a curtain, the discovery, and also mean the muscles and joints. This is a reflection about how people should look at a disease. A bad thing in life does not mean that anything more has no sense, it just mean that you have to extract conclusions of what is happening and learn how to live and deal with it.

Design de mode/LCI Barcelona/19mfyaqmqeg5s31m62o9m32gg9b7d9et
Design de mode/LCI Barcelona/ndkaomm5bh1tibswee6wvhym6lvswknc
Design de mode/LCI Barcelona/27vrdqdtb9cjvljpwufc4dsz9trmkoip
Design de mode/LCI Barcelona/dfkc8mrdnyeozhaxq1wfkggio58lvldo
Design de mode/LCI Barcelona/iusrfgg4lgg663pa6hw8x516wult4fah
Design de mode/LCI Barcelona/1l50mg9kmdv1u7s7u6d0b1ezjdvll5zm
Design de mode/LCI Barcelona/0oey4hnm4fn7gkwsxye4rjdel01qw6tc
Design de mode/LCI Barcelona/f75ybdbpmfdy6p4ecubyibkg0k895wqy
Design de mode/LCI Barcelona/rzqfqq15lkhh08xsjo7xcebrgbqfxvgc
Design de mode/LCI Barcelona/1sk2fse5mkyv13isrkmz9zj096757wie
Design de mode/LCI Barcelona/7gjqsclntaeiuymers6c2dehz8l3f3nz
Design de mode/LCI Barcelona/jbgv0gxhcf49uflafpqh8iphuuoda98n
Design de mode/LCI Barcelona/xh8mry7kha56xyuchu6qr9wnq31d1skw

Inspiration about my final fashion project