Jean Philippe Smith

Jean Philippe Smith

Arts et design
LCI Melbourne

AACC / Les dessous de la pub

Challenge: Association of Consulting Agencies in Communication (AACC) is a communication and advertising association. Representing over 80% of the industry, the AACC includes 200 agencies employing nearly 10,000 industry professionals. Each year, every AACC agency opens its doors to the public so that they can see and experiment how the world of advertising really works. The AACC challenges students throughout France in a competition to design a print campaign for this annual event. Solution: To illustrate this event, we chose to show some of the most well known icons in their underwear with the slogan « Découvrez les dessous de la pub». Essentially this means «Discover the backstage of advertisement» but in French «les dessous» means both underwear and backstage. The slogan’s double meaning was a fun way to grab people’s attention and invite them to this event. Tools : Illustrator Photoshop

Arts et design/LCI Melbourne/Print Adshell

Print Adshell

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