Steven Sevo

Steven Sevo

Collège LaSalle | Montréal

My Hobbies

This part of my portfolio shows what I enjoy doing on my free time.

I love playing and w


I love playing and watching sports, i have interests in almost all sports. If I had to pick my top two it would be Soccer and Hockey.

I love to always wat


I love to always watch a good movie, the genres that i prefer to watch the most would have to be action, comedy, thriller and adventure.

I enjoy playing vide

Video Games

I enjoy playing video games because you get to compete with others and I am competitive by nature and it is a way for me to calm down.

Boardgames highlight

Board Games

Boardgames highlight my competitiveness as well. Here, I am most likely to apply strategies in order the best outcome possible.

One my main attribut

Friends and Family

One my main attributes that I am most proud of is that I am family oriented. Also spending time with my friends allows me to keep in touch with my youth.

I believe there is m


I believe there is much to learn through visiting different places across the globe. By travelling I intend to explore different cultures in additional to their lifestyles.