Rezki Kurniawan Hadi

Rezki Kurniawan Hadi

Design d'intérieur
LaSalle College | Jakarta

Persimmon Chair - 2D Organization

The idea of this chair came from Persimmon Fruit. After Sliced into 2 part the nice pattern of the inside give me a feeling of a nice pattern for fabric or maybe a cushion itself, while top part of the fruit inspire me to give the chair somekind of shelter. “Form follow Function.” The form should be simplify and altered following the function as in the bottom part should be trimmed to make it able to stand firm on the ground, while the shelter and other shape are simplified to give a feeling of simplicity and modern furniture.

Design d'intérieur/LaSalle College | Jakarta/Persimmon Chair Description

Persimmon Chair Description

Design d'intérieur/LaSalle College | Jakarta/Perspective 1

Perspective 1

Design d'intérieur/LaSalle College | Jakarta/Perspective 2

Perspective 2