Jessica Mena

Jessica Mena

Design graphique
LaSalle College Vancouver

La Tapita

La Tapita is a spanish food kit of 6 ingredi- ents to make your own tapas. Every ingre- dient has a different map in it’s package of a place in Spain that is best known for it’s tapas: Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Bilbao, Cadiz and Seville. The challenge when creating this design was to be able to show the city’s most known plac- es in a modern and simplistic way without them loosing their main characteristics. The map shows the main touristic places of that city and where to find the best tapas in town. The colours were chosen in order to rep- resent Spain and it’s culture, red and yellow are the colors of Spain’s flag and purple was selected to represent the vitality of Spain as well as the exclusivity of the brand given that purple means luxury. Blue generates calm- ness, it was used as a contrast of the other three bright colours.

Chorizo wrapped in S

Barcelona & San Sebastian

Chorizo wrapped in San Sebastian and Barcelona's maps.

Queso Fresco wrapped


Queso Fresco wrapped in Madrid's map.

Red peppers and garl

Cadiz & Bilbao

Red peppers and garlic wrapped in Cadiz and Bilbao's maps.

Unwrapped posters.


Unwrapped posters.