Jessica Mena

Jessica Mena

Design graphique
LaSalle College Vancouver


Vainilla is the brand of a Mexican ice cream lounge in Cancun, Mexico. The brand was cre- ated to show the Mexican culture and flavors to the tourists visiting the country. The ice creams are made exclusively with Mexican ingredients and exotic flavors. Vain- illa is split in two sections, the alcohol based ice creams and the non-alcoholic. The brand’s name Vainilla (Spanish word) rep- resents the flower that provides the vanilla extract which is an ingredient of many local foods and desserts. In the packaging there are some history facts of the main ingredient used for each flavor and pattern elements, that sim- ulate the tile art of Mexico. The pattern ele- ments contains flowers and icons of the food. Monochromatic photos of the main ingredient are also in the packaging with bright and fun colors that can be found all over the country.

Design graphique/LaSalle College Vancouver/Michelada Popsicle

Michelada Popsicle

Design graphique/LaSalle College Vancouver/Vainilla Ice Cream

Vainilla Ice Cream

Design graphique/LaSalle College Vancouver/Ice Cream Flavours

Ice Cream Flavours