Cudney Danielle

Cudney Danielle

Design de mode
Collège LaSalle | Montréal

1950 Dior:Mizza Bricard

One of those rare people whose only reason for living is elegance. Madame Mitzah Bricard (Mizza) is known in history as one of Dior’s legendary muses and advisors. She’s said to have come up with the phrase Miss Dior and lends her name and personality to many of Dior’s fragrance and makeup lines and she would later go on to be the designer of Dior’s hat line. Mizza’s past before Paris is for the most part unknown other than rumors of the possibility of her being a Russian princess or possibly Romanian or Hungarian. What we do know though is that when Dior came to Paris he met Mizza, the woman was famous for her late night life style and was said to never be awake before 2pm or without her pearls and animal print.

Completed costume in


Completed costume including blouse, skirt and coat

Original sketch for

final design

Original sketch for final costume

Alternative design n

alternative design

Alternative design number 1

Design 2

alternative design 2

Design 2

paperdoll manipulati


paperdoll manipulation to show off design