Xin Zhao

Xin Zhao

Design d'intérieur et architecture
LaSalle College Vancouver


Apart from excellent views of the harbor, the primary attraction is New Brighton park, with its large outdoor heated pool and surrounding picnic grounds, and the pacific national exhibition grounds and Hastings race track to the south. New Brighton Park, located in the Hastings-sunrise district of Vancouver, BC, Canada. through the north shore mountings with beach access to the Burrard Inlet. there have surrounded by industrial plants and the Hastings racecourse, as well as access to the port of Vancouver. during the summer, the park will become a popular location for the recreational activity. there is a soccer pitch, tennis courts, barbecue/picnic sites, two playgrounds, beaches, and an outdoor pool. in the process of being connected to Hastings park via creek way park, which will allow people to walk and cycle between the two locations. not recommended to swim in due to the inlet’s currents. Through the building there are some issues in the summer, there’s no coffee shop surrounding this area because the weather temperature will be higher in the summer, residents want to do more to protect the environment, improve community safety, and increase the attractiveness of parks, school grounds, and streets. And in order to strengthen the park near the transportation and safety, New Brighton should be improved. Therefore, for the pool house area, there will be a coffee shop and one party room because the pool only opens 4 months in a year, the coffee shop and party room can open whole year to bring more income in this area. Because of outdoor swimming pool usually open summer. Green is the color of summer, a symbol of a green shade, and behalf of strong vitality. The whole concept includes summer, young, movement, and energy. Leaf vein is the main supply of food for the plant. Leaf also can help Purify air, the reason why I choose leaf because in nowadays the environmental pollution is getting worse and worse, I want to use the shape of the leaves to call everybody to protect our environment and Prohibit the felling of trees.

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