Cindy Fransisca

Cindy Fransisca

LaSalle College | Jakarta

LORO - Enterprise Final Project

One of the most essential accessories needed by women are bags. It is used in their daily activity and keeps their belonging in one place. Activities such as traveling will keep them away from bringing multiple bags, which will force them to not be able to express themselves freely through their whole look (Lox Handbags 2017). Versatility and simplicity are what the market needs today. Inspired by that, LORO has created reversible bags that are inspired by small spaces and the option for women to have two bags in one. This concept is done by differentiating both sides of the bags with different fabrics and colors to give the customers flexibility in wearing it. LORO is established in 2018 by Balgis Novrilla Maridjan, Chelsea Chintari, Cindy Francisca and Diandra Rizki Israhmaniar. The brand offers reversible tote bags, handbags and sling bags with a price range of IDR 450,000 - IDR 650,000. This will be promoted throughout LORO’s Instagram and will be available to purchase on their website.

LORO F/W 2018 Video Campaign

A video campaign that I and my partners made for our Enterprise final project. The name of our brand is LORO (ig: @loro_id), inspired from the Javanese word that means two. Our brand concept is making reversible bags using two different materials and resulting two different styles of bag as well. LORO’s first drop, Gaweh is inspired by the busy lifestyle of a working woman. She works from 9 to 5 and rushes from one place to another and by the end of the day she unwinds by going to a casual night out with her friends. Her busy schedule doesn’t allow her to go home and change her bag. This collection is for those who want to create the different day to night look by just simply reversing their bag. Videographer: Daniel Handojo // @thedanielhandojo Model: Alyani Sajidah // @alyanisajidah Stylist: Caroline Sentosa // @joycaroline Creative Directors: Cindy Fransisca // @ndyfransisca and Balgis Novrilla // @balgisnovrilla Art Directors: Chelsea Chintari // @chelsea_chintari and Diandra Rizki // @itsdiandra Music: Black Rose - Emotional Dark Trap Beat (Prod. Tower x Juanko x Marzen)

Autres crédits

Videographer: Daniel Handojo // @thedanielhandojo
Model: Alyani Sajidah // @alyanisajidah