Iako'ta:raien S. Delaronde

Iako'ta:raien S. Delaronde

Collège LaSalle | Montréal

Heads up program flier

This is the flier the i created in order to promote the youth summer program that i helped facilitate this passed summer

In summer 2017, I wa

Heads Up flier

In summer 2017, I was in charge of creating this flier to help youth become aware of our program. I chose to do bright friendly colours to get the reader interested. There were many other things that i was in charge of but this was the main post that the public seen. My flier is currently on the Tewatonhni'saktha website and will remain there until next summer. http://tewa.ca/youth-programs/heads-up-summer-program/ This link will also explain exactly was the program in for.