David Garcia Sepulveda

David Garcia Sepulveda

Arts et lettres
Collège LaSalle | Montréal

Surrealist Photography

PROJECT 1 - Visual Production II. Photography is a medium in which we can capture reality and fantasy is left only to more open mediums such as painting, but when creativity takes over photography, our most surreal dreams can become true. Through a series of photographs, I expressed the passage of time, inspired profoundly in the original surrealist spirit that photographers explored. Inspired by the playful style of Daniel Forero, a Colombian artist who's work is characterised by its boldness and creativeness, usually made for big companies.

Arts et lettres/Collège LaSalle | Montréal/Return to innocence

Return to innocence

Arts et lettres/Collège LaSalle | Montréal/Apfly


Arts et lettres/Collège LaSalle | Montréal/Fruitful Connection

Fruitful Connection

Arts et lettres/Collège LaSalle | Montréal/Crawling Dendrites

Crawling Dendrites

The series is based

Forbidden Love

The series is based in the old-style photography, which means without the use of any software intervention. Although, this photograph is an example that contains photomanipulation.

As part of surrealis

As part of surrealist photography, light painting is a very potential style in which many effects can be depicted by the movement of lighting objects.

From the previous sa


From the previous sample photo, we were asked to represent light painting through the use of charcoal.