Maria Valentina Guacci

Maria Valentina Guacci

Design de produits
LCI Barcelona


Melaranta is a symbol of union between space and the guests at the table. The inspiration, more in the name than its peculiarity, lies in the orange and its wedges; each wedge works as a seat which can be separated from the table. Inside said table lies a cavity in which it’s possible to lay items like books, bags or overcoats just before a meal or activities of any sort. The surface of the table is structured like a giant screw which can be turned to change the height of the table. Clockwise to lower it, counter-clockwise to lift it.

Design de produits/LCI Barcelona/mqzm3x0af7fvi9t31gsjso90yyayc5ex
Design de produits/LCI Barcelona/k29u7qeeh7kg5ejl2bdfptmha2va7ebh

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Collaboration with: Alessandra Giani