Chris Pollak

Chris Pollak

Cinéma et audiovisuel
LaSalle College Vancouver

Filmmaking Demo Reel V.2018

Chris Pollak's Filmmaking endeavors hitherto today.

Cinéma et audiovisuel/LaSalle College Vancouver/p1f1f9zhsu8rppig9n7qg7zwaw6m36vf

Autres crédits

Special thanks, Lifetime Heritage Films for the scans, Dustin Werbeski for processing most of the film, Lasalle college, and Nicole at Beau photo. Alex Destefano, Eve Kennedy, Shenny Adams, Jona Peverill & Ivanna Navarro. Also thanks, Braeden Frew, Chris Fleugel, Oddy Knocky, my parents and extended family, Val, everyone at Cineworks, Alex Mackenzie at Iris Film Collective, Michael Mankong at Scooter Resource and Adrian Cousins.