Inner; Demons

And exploration of mental illness and how it effects those who live with them. Utilizing cinematographic tableau vivant photography, I am able to tell a story of these mental illnesses in a single image.

A depiction of depre

Inner; Depression

A depiction of depression and how its sufferer can grow comfortable with its presence. It' not an easy fix, and even when it's not flaring up it is always still present. Model: Alex Sutton, Eloquent Mx Loki MUA: Eloquent Mx Loki Horns: Tentacle Spine

Depicting the love-h

Inner; Gender Dysphoria

Depicting the love-hate relationship with trans people and gender dysphoria. They so desperately want to be who they are inside, they aspire to be comfortable in their own skin, but their demon is there to remind them they will never be 'real'. Models: Max McRae, Elyisum Raine MUA: Eloquent Mx Loki

Exploration of Post-

Post-Partum Depression

Exploration of Post-Partum Depression and how it effects mothers. How this mental illness can remove love and interest in their own children, and what it leaves in its wake. Models: Nichola Vecchiato, Luna Madness MUA: Eloquent Mx Loki Headdress: Miss Krissy Tee Baby: Lauren Hopkins