Insecurity Campaign

Poster Series This is a poster campaign series, to give awareness to those who are trapped in the social media world. The internet is full of stuff that are fake things that do not really exist. In this generation, our population seems to be lost in the social media apps, such as Facebook, Instragam, etc. Their life mostly relies on the “like” and “heart” button. Social media has made people risky to commit suicide. By decreases confidence and makes them feel insecure. Now a days, everything seems so very easy to find information from the internet. This fact makes people use less of their ability. People do not seem to care about social media, because it’s now a part of their life and consider to be normal. The campaign should needs to be taken seriously because of how social media is affecting people. The poster representing each selfie shows each photo being edited from start to perfection. The poster shows the reflection of insecurity as well the final perfection photo is what the population uses or posts on their social media. In order to get compliments from others, in this case it’s a “like” from Facebook or a “Heart” from Instagram. But they have forgotten who they really are as a person. The compliments that people get from each social media don’t really exist in the real world, or in other word it’s meaning less. The design challenge is the process of bringing out the emotion within the poster through these photos to actually give the audience the feeling of what is behind the image.

Graphic Design/LaSalle College Vancouver/2z80y2qlx8jffd30o7opslh58vlf9uer
Graphic Design/LaSalle College Vancouver/rhg77escfancd9lh21xe75n1qifxa75f