Introducing Myself

Merchant Marine Officer. Currently, Studying Business Management at Lasalle College (expected graduation in Summer 2021). 2009 - Bachelor Degree in Nautical Science

I had a great time a

11th Annual Women in Business Conference

I had a great time at the11th Annual Women in Business Conference. As a student, it was intimidating for me to go to this networking event and meet all these professionals. However, they all took the time to talk to me and give me advice for my career. Thanks to them, Kelly Levis from CN who shared her career path and her experiences in a male-dominated field, Kim Fuller the closing keynote who spoke about resilience in leadership and the Speed Mentors who donated their precious time to share their expertise. It was a very inspiring experience.

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I am grateful for th

Volunteer work at Moisson Montreal

I am grateful for the opportunity. Moisson Montréal is a registered charitable organization. They gather food donations and basic products all year long and distribute them free of charge to community organizations on the Island of Montreal. Moisson Montréal is a member of Food Banks Canada and Food Banks of Quebec. There I had the opportunity to collaborate into a dynamic and valuable group experience. I could help with sorting foodstuffs, cleaning and administrating work.

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Finding our Superpow

International Association Business Communicators World Conference

Finding our Superpowers at International Association Business Communicators World Conference with author and speaker Darcy Eickenberg. The leadership coach Darcy is right: "Discomfort is where the growth comes from." Photo with Darcy, the author of the book "Bring your superpower to work"

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In 2017, When I deci

Completing my Upath program at ILSC

In 2017, When I decided to cast aside my profession and move to Montreal, I invested my time in improving my English. I finished the University Pathway Program. Now, I have a strong foundation for achieving success in my college studies.

ILSC has an award fo

Super Student by ILSC Language School

ILSC has an award for the most dedicated and self-disciplined student, punctual, attentive and supportive of other students. I was nominated to receive the Super Student award!

When we work onboa

My last day in the oil rig where I have worked for 4 years

When we work onboard the expression we all are in the same boat becomes more meaningful. During my work on vessels, I had supervisors and subordinates to deal with. The importance of a collaborative atmosphere is crucial because one mistake can be fatal. By working onboard I fully develop the sense of my coordination, instructing, service orientation, social perceptiveness, negotiation, persuasion, and assertiveness skills.

I believe my milesto

at the derrick - During dry dock

I believe my milestone is the professional who I became during those years on board. Achieving the senior position in a 90% male environment is not simple, especially when being the leader of people from different backgrounds, cultures, and ages. For instance, I experienced the supervision of people from 21 to 50 years old, high educated to poorly educated, and different nationalities what involves adapt the message to the receiver, making sure that the message is fully understood. Also, I had a captain who came from a culture in which women do not work, indeed work on board. Many merchant marine schools around the world do not accept women. I am totally proud of the professional that I became.

In 2007 when I moved

My brother and I at Merchant Marine School

In 2007 when I moved to another state in my country to attend a military school. I left the comfort of my home and had to adapt to a new place. As we know, the military regime is really strict, at that time I was not mature enough for certain understanding. It was when I had to adjust to another condition, comportment, rule and so on. In 2009, I started to work on board and I faced other situations in which adaptability is required. This time a was working into a confined space for 28 days with the same crew. By attending a military school and working onboard I fully develop the sense of responsibility, train my calmness, take care of my health, be ethical, communicate efficiently, learn to survive and apprehend discipline.

I am the first one o

2009 - All graduating students

I am the first one on the left. This is the achievement that I am most proud of.

I am really active.

Participating in the Colour Run

I am really active. I love participating in sports events, especially run events. I am passionate about running.

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