PLURL BRAND - Fashion Enterprise Project

The name ‘Plurl’ /ˈplʊr.əl/ is taken from English language. Pluralism is defined as a group of people that enable individuals to express their cultural, background, and identities in society.

Plurl is actually in

Behind the Brand

Plurl is actually inspired by the concept of textile (kain lebar) that is very versatile and can be used in multiways & multifunction for any occasions. Hence we were intrigued to take the “concept of textile” and elevate it in our own unique way. The problem from current textile is that it’s usually not modern enough to be worn by millennial & gen z and it’s mostly printed. We are here to present modern textile by infusing the sense of art in a different way that has never been made before in Indonesia.

Plurl first collecti

Indonesia - January 2021

Plurl first collection is dedicated to show the condolences towards the disasters and miserable tragedy that greeted Indonesia in the new year of 2021. The message Plurl want to deliver is to remind people to feel grateful, humble, and always care for each other as a society. It is to remind people of their gratitude and keep seeing the positive-side of every incident, for example, with the tragedy we are reminded to protect the environment, start planting trees, etc.

We thrive to become

Specially Made to be UR's

We thrive to become the number one fashion brand in Indonesia that provides versatile fashion product(s) ethically. To keep the exclusivity of our products, every of our collection will be produced in limited edition & limited quantity.

Access on our social

Where to Find Us?

Access on our social media platforms: Instagram @plurl.story ; Tiktok @plurl.official ; Website