Pokémon Battle Simulator

Pokémon Battle Simulator is a solo project that I made in Unity recreating the classic 2D Pokémon battle system. As a Pokémon fan, recreating a Pokémon game has been one of my dreams. This project recreated the battle HUD and some of the fundamental elements of the battle system of a Pokémon game.

The HUD of the battl

Battle HUD

The HUD of the battle scene was created as similar as possible to the original Pokémon game, for example letters are being typed out in a sentence, the hp bar changes color based on the percentage of the remaining hp of the Pokémon and also animations to indicate sending in of a Pokémon, attacking and fainting.

The game includes to

Creating Pokémon

The game includes tools to create Pokémon and move as scriptable objects so it can be loaded into the game. The user have to input the name, base stats, front and back spirits, and the move set that the Pokémon has to generate a Pokémon.

The enemy will alway

Enemy AI

The enemy will always choose the most effective move on the player’s pokemon, so if the player is using a fire type pokemon and the enemy pokemon has a water type move, it will prioritize using the water type move on the player. If the enemy pokemon doesn’t have any move that is super effective against the player, it will prioritize using the highest damage move in its move set.