LCI Education is a network of private institutions whose priority is not only the success and development of its students but also its partnerships with recruitment agents. In order to offer quality education, we are dedicated to provide our students with an education adapted to their personal and professional needs. Founded more than half a century ago, LaSalle International extends its education network in Canada and across the world, counting more than 23 campuses in 11 countries.

LCI Education is proud of the international network established with its recruitment agents throughout the world. We strongly believe that the agents participate in the success of our education network. It is from this perspective that we conceived this site, entirely devoted to our agents, as a gateway to help international recruitment. This platform will facilitate relationships between our education institutions and our agents in order to maintain quality partnerships and help our agents in achieving their career paths. Simple and easy to use, this interface is an intelligent management tool that will help agents optimise their recruitment methods. You can learn more about our training programmes, easily find information on tuition fees and other expenses, track the status of your files, registrations and payment of commissions, and finally, stay tuned on what is happening on all our campuses.

Recruiting has never been so easy!

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