LCI LX’s micro-credentialing offer featured in “Les Affaires”



The economic crisis has taught us that a skill that is useful today might be redundant tomorrow Our new economy requires us to rethink the way we train, which is why LCILX continues to push the envelope by forming new alliances between corporations and the higher education sector.

This month, Les Affaires is shining a light on this alliance and the unprecedented need for collaboration between academia and businesses to survive in this new reality and guarantee our economy’s sustainable recovery. At the core of LCILX’s new micro-credentialing offer is the quick skilling and reskilling of the labour force with the help of highly specialized short courses. Micro-credentialing is putting the industry and the economy in the driver’s seat and helps companies and organizations meet the demands of our new economy by allowing them to:

  • Close the skill gap by rapidly skilling, reskilling and upskilling their labour force through continuing education and on-the-job skilling
  •  Stay on top of new in-demand competencies for a fast-changing landscape with the help of highly specialized courses
  •  Ensure skills are validated and credentialed in partnership with a higher education institution
  •  Follow the example of companies such as Google, Apple and IBM by shifting their focus away from traditional degrees to evidence-based and validated credentials that can be transferred towards certification, diplomas and degrees
  •  Unleash the power of industry-academia partnerships, stackable credits and blockchain technology

Read more about LCILX’s micro-credentialing in the June 16 print edition of Les Affaires and contact us to help you implement a workforce strategy that develops future-ready talent with the skills of tomorrow!