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10 tips for creating an outstanding portfolio

Published by LCI Education, August 24th, 2015

How can you tell whether you’ve really made a positive impact on recruiters and on the community? Are you sure that you’ve demonstrated your full potential? Here are 10 tips for creating an outstanding portfolio. 

1. Think about your goals

Before rushing into designing your portfolio, it’s important to think about the reasons motivating you to create your portfolio and the goals that you want to achieve. Do you want to get feedback from the community, highlight your creativity or stand out to recruiters? 

2. Keep it short

Just because the Portfolios section allows you to add up to 20 projects doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to reach this limit. 

3. Be selective

In keeping with the previous tip, don’t try to impress everyone by showing all your projects. Be selective and focus on your successes. Display the achievements that illustrate all your skills and abilities. 

4. Don’t listen to your mother

Your friends and family, as well-intentioned as they may be, should not decide what you should share on your portfolio. What is popular is certainly not what makes you unique. If you need help, ask colleagues or teachers instead – they will be able to guide you in your choice. 

5. Tell a story

Don’t hesitate to tell a story and position your projects in an established order. This will allow visitors to see how you’ve progressed on the academic and professional fronts. 

6. Start strong!

Start each project with a strong, meaningful image. Also, make sure you save a powerful visual for the finale. This way, you can really dazzle your visitors. 

7. Share your inspirations

Now that you’ve chosen the accomplishments that you would like to display, think about the best way of presenting them. Visitors like to discover the story behind your work, so don’t hesitate to give a brief description of your concept or your inspiration.  

8. Keep it updated

It’s crucial to add new projects to your portfolio regularly and update your C.V. You may have a great portfolio, but if it hasn’t been updated for five years, you’ll lose credibility and may even be perceived as lazy. 

9. Provide an overview of your work methodology

Rather than simply submitting your final projects, don’t hesitate to illustrate your methodology, using drawings, sketches, mock-ups or patterns, for example. 

10. Promote your portfolio

The new Portfolios section is a public platform open to everyone. Don’t hesitate to use the site’s sharing features so that your achievements reach not only the LCI Education community, but also your community and wider audiences on social networks.