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Three Reasons You’re Not Getting Hired, Despite Your Skills

Published by Espresso-Jobs, May 4th, 2017

Someone who was “a better fit” was chosen instead of you again! Why? And what can you do about it?

When you’re searching for work, the most frustrating scenario is when you apply for a good position for which you have all the right qualifications, but you still aren’t offered the job. You keep hearing that they went with someone who is “a better fit”… What can you do?

According to Sara McCord of The Muse, what makes all the difference is what happens during your interviews. In this article, she diagnoses your three problems and prescribes what you need to remedy them.


You’re Qualified… But Boring

When you think back on your interview, you feel good. You gave an appropriate response to each question and didn’t make any major errors. You feel satisfied, but unfortunately, that’s not always enough. Because, even if you have the right qualifications, you will naturally be compared with other candidates whose personalities are more memorable than yours. If you don’t distinguish yourself, employers won’t even remember you!

The ideal candidate is the one who has all the qualifications AND someone with whom you would want to spend time—in other words, someone who is competent and warm.

So what’s the solution? Practice. It’s not enough to rehearse in your head what you want to say during the interview. You also need to practice in real situations—such as with a friend who can tell you if you come across as rigid, relaxed or boring!

You’re Qualified… But Uncomfortable

You probably know a really smart person who has many great qualities, but for some reason or another, always chokes whenever they face a test or an interview. They become nervous, panicky and can’t string together a sentence.

It’s possible that you might be this person sometimes. It’s not easy to control your emotions when you’re applying for a position you really want. And, you might make mistakes, forget to ask the right questions, give the wrong answers, and appear distant or even uninterested.

To remedy this situation, you need to know what exactly makes you the most uncomfortable. Is it when you’re discussing the salary? Or when you’re asked what your greatest weakness is?

Remember that it’s normal to feel a bit embarrassed when asked these questions. But once you’ve identified what triggers your discomfort, talk about it with a friend or even hire a coach to help you improve.

You’re Qualified… But Desperate

When an employer asks if you really want the job, you need to tell the truth. But here’s where things can go wrong, because sometimes you’re so desperate that you can make the employer feel like they would be doing you a favor to hire you. Actually, what you need to do is help them understand what they and their company would gain from hiring you, not the other way around.

Companies always appreciate it when you’re interested in what they do and talk about how you would be thrilled to work there. But you should also be honest and share your perspective on things that could be improved. Your opinion matters!