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Spotlight on our alumni - Faney Meneses | LCI Bogotá

Faney Meneses

Artistic Makeup - LCI Bogotá

What is your career, achievement (your position, the company, etc.)?

My first career was costume design, together with image consulting, a task I developed over the course of approximately 5 years in the city of Medellín, with my own workshop, where I offered exclusive garment-making services, morphology consulting, visagism and colorimetry.

Makeup has always been present in my life, since I was a child, and once I started living in the city of Bogotá, I entered the Artistic Makeup program at LCI. This program has made me discover that I am more passionate about makeup than I am about design, while I still acknowledge that I have enriched each area with additional study and research. 

Right now, I work with brides, offering pre-wedding trials and family-group at-home services, something that I perform with a lot of dedication and devotion. I describe it as a great day, one which I enjoy being a part of. Editorials and production work are other activities which enrich my professional life every day. 

You graduated from LCI Bogotá. How did that help you in your education?

It has been a unique experience, since I was able to discover that this is my real passion: the world of makeup. It changed my idea that a professional makeup artist applies shadows and foundation. I discovered the depth of being an artist, that skin is a canvas and that you have to invest tough weeks and hours to arrive at a concept which is represented through makeup or through a production. A jury must be able to understand your concept without a single word to support it. Through all this and more I have been able to achieve complete dedication and devotion for this activity, even to the point of only thinking about what I would like to achieve later on, which is no longer a successful fashion house, but rather a successful makeup line, among other projects in the works. The study of makeup has injected more strength and energy to my life project, which is something I am grateful for and fills me with ideas and plans for the near future.

What advice would you give to our makeup students?

My advice would be to study with devotion, to be dedicated and to be clear that studying makeup is a passion. It is NOT just about applying a product. It includes the insight and investigation behind a proposal, it requires effort, reading and research, not just on the internet. Reference books, visits to museums, field trips, among others, are all important activities which enrich the proposal. That is why I always say: studying makeup is not easy nor is it meant for the mediocre. 

What essential qualities are required to be successful in the field? 

  • Love what you do 
  • If you are good at only one thing, make it perfect 
  • Do things today, do not procrastinate 
  • Do not compare yourself to others 
  • Be authentic