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Spotlight on our alumni - Natalia Sierra, LCI Bogota

Published by LCI Education, October 19th, 2017


Fashion Design - LCI Bogota 

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What is your career, achievement?

I’m Natalia Sierra, graduate of Fashion Design and Pattern Making, Illustrator at my brand Natalia Minds, specialized in Design of textile printing, direction of Workshops on the development of narrative creativity, editorial illustration for various digital and print media, design of illustrated objects and content creation on my YouTube channel. 

I have primarily worked in fashion with clients such as Mio Coral, Shock, Revista FUCSIA, Fashion Tv Latinoamérica and Bloggers & Youtubers such as Fat Pandora Blog, Daniela Styling, Catalina Mora, among others. 


You graduated from LCI Bogotá. How did your education help you?

LCI Bogotá, through its classes, creative processes and continuous contemporary inspiration, expresses the desire to undertake and make innovative changes through our vision as designers. It is the main reason why creativity and conceptualization have been my greatest learning for the development of my work today. 

What advice would you give to our fashion students?

Fashion covers a great number of fields we can focus on. In studying design, I discovered the possibilities there are to create and transform our skills and apply them; in my case, I chose fashion illustration as a reflection of my characteristics, talents and techniques, with which I identified myself when looking at the career. This can happen with the myriad of subjects we see during our education process. 

What essential qualities are required to be successful in the field?

As an illustrator, I have found different qualities along the way that have helped me grow in creativity and in the undertaking of ideas. Through constancy in work and the continuous search for learning, we become lifelong students. This helps us strengthen and gain initiative with each new challenge or project. It is essential to learn creation of content and media, professional connections that expand our search and knowledge to continue transcending time and reaching objectives.