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Spotlight on our alumni - Sana Redwani from LaSalle College | Casablanca

Published by LCI Education, December 14th, 2017

Sana Redwani

Fashion Design - LaSalle College | Casablanca

Who are you?

I am Sana REDWANI, a stylist from the new generation of Moroccan creatives. My work is a combination of contemporary and traditional Morocco; a partnership between the past and modernity.

In 2010, I acquired the label De Velasco, a company that has existed in Morocco since 1964. At the head of this label, I was able to develop a new concept that was adapted to the image of timeless, authentic clothing.

Today, my De Velasco label is gaining market share in Morocco. We currently have four stores and over ten showrooms in the country’s most prestigious hotels. 

What does creativity mean to you?

To me, creativity is an ode to travel, getaways, large spaces and the freedom of renewal, inspired by the Moroccan tradition that is so dear to me.

You studied at Collège LaSalle—how has this helped you?

My time at Collège LaSalle in Casablanca allowed me to work alongside quality teachers and leaders who helped me develop my critical eye, my sense of analysis, and my thirst for innovation. This was also an opportunity for me to push my creativity even further through teamwork and with constant support from my colleagues. I graduated filled with these experiences and new ideas, plus a network of people that are just as creative as me!


What advice would you give to our fashion students?

Fashion is a fast-paced world that is always changing. You have to believe in yourself and trust your own creativity to overcome challenges.

Passion and determination are also very important to succeed in the world of fashion. You have to keep your flame lit in everything you take on, and make sure your heart is in everything you create.

My professional path was scattered with challenges, but also had great successes that helped me build the career I have today. I want to share my experience for future generations, to help them succeed in the beautiful and diverse world of fashion. 

What traits are essential to succeed in the world of fashion?

The three most important lessons for me are:

  1. You have to continually expand your knowledge and research to be able to stay on top of all the trends. You have to be curious: see differently and look further.
  2. Of course, it’s extremely valuable to have artistic creativity, to learn to create despite budget and time restrictions, because they do truly exist.
  3. You also have to make sure you surround yourself with good people and delegate, because fashion is a collective process. This teamwork allows you to be more creative by sharing ideas with other artists in your working group, and also guarantees better productivity and unmatched versatility! I strongly believe that teamwork is a central component of today’s fashion industry. 

Sana Redwani