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Behind the scene - Project « Skazka » created by Evelina Martirosyan Buglak, LCI | Barcelona

Published by LCI Barcelona, June 2nd, 2016


1. Project Inspiration

We are born alone, but we grow up within a society; our characters are influenced by people, events and many other factors that leave their marks on us throughout our lives. A person’s roots always engrave themselves on our personalities and our way of being a whole person and continuing to evolve through time. My collection is based on the nostalgic feeling produced by having two homes where I belong. I was born in Russia and I grew up there until I was 11, in a city called Kostroma. It’s a place that combines the artisanal, handmade quality of a culture with the richness and luxury of a country.


2. Materials, Creative Process

My entire collection was made from classic fabrics that let me play with patterns. The challenge was researching the internal structure for each of the looks, because of the volume of design. Almost all of the pieces had pearl and floral borders. Each rose was dyed in its own individual way. The hard part was to find the exact amount of paint to get them standardized. Making the headpieces was done a little on the fly. I didn’t have a clear idea of the structure, so that left me time to research and try out things. The process of constructing them took place between school and home. I tried to make the patterns in class and sew the prototypes at home the same afternoon. It was the only way to move ahead. It took many, many hours of work every day and the days flew by. 

3. What You Would Change?

Right now, after all the work that’s been done, I can’t say I’d change anything in the collection. I am very pleased with the result, since I got to express the idea I had in my mind in something real. To be sure, if I were to begin designing a project now, even if it were on the same subject, it wouldn’t be the same, for the reason that my perspective is different from what it was a while ago and totally different from what it was years ago. Always, personal taste and knowledge keep changing through time, and because of that the style of our work keeps changing too. 

4. How What You Learned in School Has Helped You in Your Project?

All types of techniques, the use of different materials, and the need to do research were the lessons I learned throughout my 4 years that allowed me to let my imagination run free in any kind of work. Once your career is over, you look back and see the huge leap you’ve taken in that time. You come in with one idea and come out with a completely different one. 

5. This Project Has Opened Doors Professionally for You?

In professional circles, I can say that the project has helped me, but not directly. 

I have not been hired because of it, since the collection was intended for haute couture, and in Spain commercial fashion is most predominant. But it did help a great deal on my CV. I had the opportunity to enter various competitions and I even won one of them. In the design world, it’s very important that you get things moving and have initiative. Competitions are opportunities to meet new people and travel, and at the same time they’re an important part of a portfolio. 

It’s also a unique opportunity to make full use of our creativity. We are always capable of failing, so it’s better to show our maximum potential, since what’s easy is always at hand.