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Behind the scene - Project "Periplo" created by Clara Corominas, LCI Barcelona

Published by LCI Education, October 5th, 2017


1. Project inspiration

I was inspired mainly by all the traveling I’ve done over my 22 years, creating a character who wants to explore the world without considering sex, race, culture and social status. Based on seeing, getting to know and learning from dozens of cultures, I decided to merge them into a single collection to explain that, in the end, there is a point of union between all of these millions of people who are so different.


2. Materials, Creative Process

The making of “Periplo” was both the most difficult time (because of the large number of garments that make up my 8 looks and all the craftsmanship behind them) and the most enriching, fun and satisfying time of the entire process. 

The cultural fusion that inspired me is also reflected in the vast amount of materials I used. We can find wools, silks, technical fabrics, mountain climbing ropes, small colored beads, LEDs, etc.



3. If you could do the collection over again, what do you think could be improved?

I think I would do it exactly the same way, since the difficulties I encountered were resolved during the process.



4. How have the School and the professors helped you throughout the process?

Much of this project was completed thanks to the support of the professionals we have at the School. With their involvement, the professors have taught me the effort behind the creation of a collection, although I think that as far as communication we need a little more instruction to be capable of creating an image equal to our collections.

5. What was the official presentation of the collection at the LCI Barcelona Graduation Fest like for you?

It was a day full of emotions, nerves and gratitude. After spending an entire school year working on the collection, it’s a reward to be able to show your family and friends and industry professionals your creations in motion.