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Behind the scene - Project « Social Studies » created by Santiago Salgados Velez, LCI | Bogotà

Published by LCI Bogotà, July 28th, 2016

Social Studies 

1. Project Inspiration

This editorial was inspired by the film Cruel Intentions, adapted from the French novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses, where we see how a game of seduction can turn dangerous. I wanted to show a night in the life of two rich, bored brothers, and how they meet their opposites and seduce them, turning them into copies of themselves.


2. Materials, Creative Process

The creative process began for me with looking for reference images for the look and feel I wanted the editorial to have. From the beginning, I knew I wanted black-and-white photos to add drama. Then came finding the perfect location for the pictures; the search led me to choose the luxurious Click Clack Hotel, that has a youthful, playful spirit. The clothes had to match each character’s attitude and accentuate the situation they were in.

3. What You Would Change?

If I had the opportunity to redo the editorial, I’d add more pictures of the models’ faces, taking close-ups to show even more emotion, or show a little more of their lives, even though I always like the audience to be left with questions, such as: Who are the other brothers? Who were they before they became just clones? Where do the rich brothers come from? Why is it so enjoyable for them to seduce people? And finally, one of the most important questions: How does the game of seduction end?


4. How What You Learned in School Has Helped You in Your Project?

I must say that my professors were key to my editorial coming out just the way I wanted, even though it was a big project that required four models, my professors supported me. Thanks to them I found the perfect models to give off attitude and bring the characters to life, achieving the aesthetic I wanted and telling an interesting story. This whole process helped me to do what I like most in fashion, which is to tell a story - through clothing, poses, makeup, and location, the story I had in my head became a reality.