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Do you lack confidence and become stressed during interviews?

Published by Espresso-Jobs, April 21st, 2016

Do you lack confidence and become stressed during interviews? Here is our advice!

Your previous interview experiences proved to be catastrophic. You were overwhelmed with anxiety at the mere thought of having to address complete strangers who, in your eyes, held your professional destiny in their hands. In an interview, are your worst enemies stress and lack of confidence? Here is some advice to help you better manage the tension of your interview!

1. Change your perceptions!

Instead of going in with a job “seeker” mentality, remind yourself of what you have to offer. You have a variety of skills and abilities, all of which are very much in demand. Concentrate on your strengths and on what makes you unique.

By trying too hard to land a job at any price, you risk coming across as insincere or indifferent, much to the detriment of your true intentions. Combine your expertise with your interpersonal skills. A simple change of perspective during the interview will give you greater confidence.

2. Prepare in such a way as to meet your expectations

Stress during an interview is often linked to lack of preparation. Prepare an outline of your skills in advance. By using concrete examples that can contextualize the various situations in which you were able to use your knowledge and skills, you will avoid wandering off topic.

A poorly prepared candidate is quickly flustered by an interviewer’s questions. Study in detail the organization of interest to you: its mission, services, etc. A good understanding of the company will make you feel more comfortable and, more importantly, will demonstrate the extent of enthusiasm that you feel toward it.

3. Do not be afraid of pauses and moments of reflexion

Stress may lead to stammering, hesitation or, conversely, to an uninterrupted flow of information. You are so enthusiastic and excited about the job that you cannot stop talking. Beware! Not only will you become short of breath, but your interviewer’s head will be spinning and you will lose his or her attention.

However, if you tend to babble when you are nervous, pausing will enable you to express your ideas more clearly. Don’t forget! Taking the time to reflect before answering a question that you have just been asked can work greatly in your favor.

4. Breathing and visualization

To relieve tension before an interview, take time to relax, even if only for five minutes. Close your eyes and imagine this brief scenario: you enter the interview room with confidence, you shake the recruiters’ hands, and you sit down facing them. You answer the first question. They are very receptive to what you have to say. And so on. You’re smiling and interacting comfortably. You shake their hands again, then you leave the room, proud of yourself.

Visualization has proven to be very effective in managing stress and anxiety and also in enabling you to manage your thoughts. Is this too esoteric for you? Then try breathing techniques instead! The Breathe2Relax app for iPhone and iPad is available free of charge on Apple Store. This breathing guide allows you to choose the duration of your session according to the desired number of breaths per minute and the intended result: an exercise that is relaxing, balancing, or energizing. Once you have started the application, it will guide your breathing. Results guaranteed!

Above all, forget your previous negative experiences and concentrate on the present!

Good luck!