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Two alumni of Inter-Dec College win the NYX Cosmetics contest

Published by LCI Education, August 24th, 2015

They both will be flying to Los Angeles to attend the NYX FACEAWARDS event. Valued at $ 4,000 each, the five national winners will have the chance to meet other international bloggers and vlogeurs during their trip to California.

Since June 12, the candidates had to go through three crucial stages in the competition taking place on Instagram. First, they had to submit a look that they want to produce. Evaluated by a panel of judges, the 20 semi-finalists recived a basket of NYX products to complete their look and present their best one responding to the theme "Hollywood Star". For the final, the 10 finalists have created a video tutorial 16 seconds highlighting a feature of their choice.

During the third round, Audrey and Cynthia presented looks that have charmed the jury and Instagram community.

Inter-Dec College is proud of this great achievement by these two graduates. Congratulations!