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Develop your leadership skills

Published by Espresso-Jobs, October 29th, 2015

Leadership is a skill in high demand by employers regardless of the position or industry. That much is clear from a glance at the job offers posted in the Portfolio section.

The ability to demonstrate leadership skills is one of the seven transferable skills most in demand in today's job market. According to some, leadership is a natural quality while others believe it can be acquired. There are nevertheless tried-and-tested methods for learning to become a leader.

Increase your chances of landing a promotion and get noticed at work by following these 10 tips:

1. Demonstrate initiative

Be proactive and seize the opportunities that come your way. You don’t have to be a manager or supervisor to make an impact. Your determination will be noticed and rewarded.

2. Organize your priorities

Good leaders know how to recognize urgent situations and priorities and can manage their workloads independently.

3. Stay positive when things get difficult

Leaders give off positive energy and boost their colleagues' motivation. Don't let yourself get defeated by setbacks. Learn from your experiences and share them with your team.

4. Be industrious and willing to give it your 110%

Don't merely fulfil your job requirements – go above and beyond what's expected. Get yourself noticed for the quality of your work and your eagerness.

5. Show enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is often contagious! By showing enthusiasm for projects, you're contributing to a positive work culture, which will surely make you stand out.

6. Accept responsibility for problems

Always consider every possible scenario and have a plan B ready. You'll be able to react quickly and resolve problems as they arise.

7. Improve work methods

Don't settle for the status quo. The employees at your workplace surely have their preferred work methods, procedures and tools. But that doesn't mean they are optimized. Re-evaluate, see how things are done elsewhere and broaden your horizons.

8. Demonstrate the value of being innovative

Don't be shy about putting forward ideas and asserting yourself.

9. Develop new skills

Self-respecting leaders need to constantly re-invent themselves, always keeping up with progress. Read, watch documentaries and videos, and take classes.

10. Demonstrate good judgement

Leaders have strong critical reasoning and intuitive skills, qualities which can also be acquired through experience.