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How to emphasize your studies and training in the job search?

Published by Espresso-Jobs, May 19th, 2016

Job Ads: The Best Way to Apply

Attracting a recruiter’s attention isn’t easy. When you apply to a potential employer, your application lands in a CV bank that is often already quite full. So how can you make yourself stand out? What is the best way to apply? Follow the tips below to make sure your CV gets to the right person—the one who will give your application the attention it deserves!

1. Apply on the Company’s Website

In this age of online recruiting, nearly all companies have a Careers section on their website where you can see job openings in real time. It’s an easy—and, above all, reliable—way to apply. In addition, this method also demonstrates your interest in the company, because you took the time to visit their website. You can rest assured that your CV will be sent to the appropriate recruiting employee and your application will be saved to a database.

No open jobs at the moment? You usually have the option to fill out the general application form, which allows you to show your interest in a career with an employer at any time. Stay tuned! Subscribe to the company newsletter!

2. Specialized Job Site

Specialized job sites guarantee effectiveness and speed when applying for jobs. Espresso-Jobs, among others, is a job site specializing in the marketing, communications, Web, information technology (IT), VFX animation and video games sectors. This site not only simplifies your job search—it also offers you the opportunity to quickly apply to the employer of your dreams. With your Profile, the site can memorize your information and allow you to apply more quickly from your computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Remember that employers pay to have access to a display and a bank of candidates. They attract specialized candidates who are interested in a targeted field of work. Increase your chances of attracting the attention of the right person—the one who has account access and manages posts!

3. E-mail Your CV

Some employers require that you apply via e-mail. Be careful: make sure that your e-mail address is professional and neutral. You probably understand why addresses like tigress35@hotmail.com and bigboy2000@gmail.com should be avoided!

Also make sure your e-mail includes a concise message that describes essential information for your application and encourages the recipient to read the attachments (your cover letter and CV). Want to stand out from the crowd? Send the recruiter a private message on LinkedIn to demonstrate your interest in the company. Once again, be careful! Make sure you are writing to the correct person. If you’re not sure, don’t do it!

Thanks to the Internet, searching for a job has transformed into a more simplified process. New tools have emerged, simplifying interactions between recruiters and candidates. Make sure you apply easily and effectively by using the most optimal methods available! Apply directly on the company’s careers site or through a specialized job site such as Espresso-Jobs. If standing out is essential, opt for a unique CV format!