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LCI Barcelona launches the exhibition MONTREAL - BARCELONA

Published by LCI Education, October 21st, 2015

During the celebration of the official opening of the new campus, LCI Barcelona launched on October 7th the exhibition ‘’Barcelona >< Montréal’’ which portrayed a comparison between the two cities on the topic of design. This exhibition highlights different aspects of design and features the everyday life, climate, gastronomy, hobbies, humours, culture, technologic innovations, public space, citizenship participation and moreover the buzzing creativity that the two cities share. 

Although the two design capitals are 6 000 km apart, Montréal and Barcelona are cities who have shared and will continue to share projects and dreams. The two cities have successfully organised the Universal Exhibition as well as the Olympic Games, two major international events which have had a tremendous and positive impact in the cities’ development and international visibility. Montréal and Barcelona, two cosmopolitan cities, are further more internationally renowned for their richness in the fields of culture, fashion and design. 

In this context, of the launch of the new campus was the ideal opportunity to host the exhibition. Participating in this exhibition are local designers from Barcelona such as Curro Claret, Herraiz-Soto, David Torrents, Josep Abril, Lo Siento Studio and Léku. Montréal will be represented by Dikini, Alto, Yin Gao, Baillart Cardel & Fils and Studio Feed, among others. Some of these designers are LaSalle College Montréal or LCI Barcelona alumni.