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Portfolios – an indispensable tool!

Published by LCI Education, February 9th, 2018

In August 2015, the LCI Education network launched the Portfolios section. Over two years after going live, Portfolios quickly became an indispensable tool for our students and for employers in search of tomorrow’s talent.

Portfolios is a social platform enabling the LCI Education network’s students and graduates to showcase their accomplishments, their expertise and their creativity for both the general public and employers seeking candidates.

Today we are proud of these results, which are thanks to the hard work and support of all the network’s members. And the figures speak for themselves! 

  • More than 20 000 projects have been published, the most popular of which totaled more than 32,000 likes;
  • 2,800 new student and graduate profiles were created; 
  • 1,700 new employers created an account.

In order for this to be a success, we need the help of our teachers: more than 150 professors have their own accounts. Their expertise and professional experience enable them to guide students with their projects and maximize use of the platform in order to stand out to potential employers. Portfolios is also used for educational purposes and is a way of creating and evaluating group projects.

Portfolios is not just a tool which is in keeping with recruitment practices in today’s digital age, it is also an excellent way to continue the LCI Education network’s mission: seizing opportunities thanks to quality education. A platform connecting 22 campuses on 5 continents is a unique way to create opportunities. We are proud to see Portfolios becoming an ally for our students and graduates throughout their studies and their professional careers.