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Have you found your quaroutine? Top 10 inspiration from our campuses’ students and staff

Top 10 inspiration from our campuses’ students and staff

In the current confinement situation, we have browsed and collected the top activities and tactics put in place by our students and staff on the 5 continents. You may want to dive into some of their activities to integrate to your new routine or your progressive deconfinement!

1. Stay creative and apply to online contests 

Collège LaSalle | Maroc

3. Commit to a cause, volunteer and sew masks or equipment 

4. Work on your Portfolios! 

This is the prefect time to work on your Portfolios. Take advantage of this period at home to work on your Portfolios online. Bellow is a cheat sheet to help you prepare the projects you want to showcase. You don't have an account yet? Fill in the student registration form here.

5. Helping out with a business recognized as essential

6. Support your local neighborhood and campus initiatives 

7. Exercise, practice yoga or start meditation 

8. Keep in touch with loved ones and neighbors, organize virtual happy hours 

LCI Barcelona

9. Discover the resources of the employment service on your campus 

10. Stay at home and adapt!