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Say These Words and Get Hired!

Published by Espresso-Jobs, November 30th, 2017

It’s great to be good at tasks and projects and have various areas of specialization, but if you want to be part of a management team, you can’t stop there. You’ll also have to position yourself as an inspiring and effective leader. There are hundreds of words and phrases that will enable you to make a good impression on your new employers right off the bat.

Jenny Foss – career strategist, recruiter and voice of the blog JobJenny.com – shares her favorites on The Muse:

Words that suggest you’re a trailblazer

The person who gets the job is more than just someone with a checkmark next to the question “Can this person accomplish the basic tasks associated with this job?” The answer to this question is necessarily yes.

So, who gets hired? In part, it’s the candidate who emanates the greatest degree of power and innovation. It’s the person who seems like they can take the ball and run with it... in the right direction!

1. At the head of… 2. Be the first… 3. Motivated 4. Drive

5. Transform 6. Revitalize 7. Modernize 8. Optimize

Words that indicate how to manage money

Managing budgets isn’t always necessary in management positions, but often times it is. In most organizations, managers (directors, vice-presidents and others) are accountable for their budgets and quotas and work on performance graphs. You must prove that you can be strategic, disciplined and smart when it comes to dealing with financial matters.

9. Budget 10. Cut costs 11. Promote growth 12. Invest

13. Cut back 14. Negotiate 15. Record profits and losses

Words that show you’re into team management

If you want a management position, there’s a good chance that one of the key aspects of your job will involve development of both teams and the people forming those teams. Once again, you’ve got to go beyond what you know how to do. This is the time to show how skillfully you can rally others.

16. Coach 17. Lead 18. Support 19. Train

20. Impassion 21. Motivate 22. Arouse 23. Encourage

24. Unite 25. Galvanize 26. Us (remember, there’s no “I” in team)

Words that say you’re a good influencer

The best leaders aren’t just good at financial management and team development; they’re often influential people in an organization. More specifically, they know how to urge others to do what they want them to do, from team members to clients to consumers. During an interview, you want to quickly highlight the fact that you’re the type of person that others listen to (in a positive way) and that you push forward with your ideas and strategies.

27. Negotiate 28. Convince 29. Win 30. Boost purchasing

31. Invite 32. Mobilize 33. Stimulate 34. Propel

Always remember that words matter and that they matter a lot. Using the right word (in the right context) can help you convince your future employer that you have the guts, ideas and charm to get things fired up!