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Three signs you've been job hunting too long

Published by Espresso-Jobs, August 25th, 2016

Looking for a job can prove to be an arduous task and can unfortunately take significantly longer than expected. These are the unmistakable symptoms!

1. The Job Site Expert

You're an Einstein of job search sites; you have them all at your fingertips! In fact, you'd make a great spokesperson for these businesses and could suggest ways to make browsing more user-friendly. You get notifications from every site and check through them all at least once daily so you don't miss a single opportunity! You're even becoming a cover-letter pro. Don't let yourself become a zombie, be enthusiastic! An organized routine for an effective job hunt is essential.

2. Motivation, Wait... I'm Coming!

If you're already working, you're certainly no longer able to be in your environment. Sometimes, elements of professionalism like being on time are set aside. All of the excuses for being late are good; and there is always one more! Whether it's getting ready in the morning or actually doing the work, the motivation is gone. Be careful: you mustn't leave your job on bad terms!
Conversely, if you don't have a job, your motivation is probably not so great. You start to think you'll never find it, that no one will recognize your true potential. It's hard to keep smiling, especially when you have no income. You can't get discouraged; you must stay fully invested! You will be highly rewarded for your efforts.

3. Flying Off on a Tangent

The ultimate goal: get a job. Over time, it doesn't matter who you are, this leads to soul-searching. From these contemplations arise such questions as: am I in the right place? The right field? You imagine going back to school, maybe changing careers. Have you thought of that? Take the time to position yourself. Trust in your instincts and desires. If you have the option, don't be impulsive. In life you have to like your profession, otherwise you'll once again find yourself back at square one. Better to be alone than in bad company, as they say!

No job seeker likes to hear this, but you really do have to be patient and not get discouraged. Stay true to yourself; you will be so proud once you have found the job of your dreams!