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Are you a good team player? Prove it!

Published by Espresso-Jobs, March 10th, 2016

At first glance, it seems clear to you that you’re an excellent team player. For the recruiter reading your application, however, this skill may not be as obvious as you think.

No matter the job or field that has caught your eye, mentioning this skill in your application will work strongly in your favor. To get this quality across to the recruiter, there’s no secret: you have to show your ability to work in teams in a concrete and measurable way. How do you convey that you have good teamwork skills in your application?

1. Involvement, volunteering and collaboration

Playing sports isn’t the only way to develop teamwork skills. Volunteering your time for causes that are important to you, with organizations that you are proud to support, is a good example of a way you can demonstrate your ability to collaborate, create ties with others and get personally invested. A person involved in social activities is a person who can interact with others and easily develop affinities.

An open-minded person generally has a sympathetic ear and a natural interest in others. Make sure to provide enough information about your involvement in volunteering activities, if applicable. This will convey your talent for collaboration, giving your best, and getting involved in social causes.

2. Leadership
Leadership is sought-after and highly esteemed by employers, who consider it added value to their work teams: motivated leaders who can clearly express their thoughts to their colleagues will rally their colleagues and encourage them to go above and beyond.

To show your future employer that you can exercise leadership, and that it is one of your strengths, when you are called in for an interview, try to add a concrete example to one of your answers of a situation where you had to be a leader, or a context where you naturally took charge. Examples: crisis management, emergencies, project management, management tasks added to your duties, supervision, new colleague orientation, etc.

3. Communication
The statement “communication skills” in your application must convey much more than just your ability to express yourself well, in speaking and writing. You must show that you are able to get opinions from other team members and express your thoughts clearly. How do you develop ties with your colleagues? How do you foster discussion in your work team? Are you comfortable going to a colleague when you have questions?

Good communication also means good listening. Employers must quickly identify your ability to be attentive to your colleagues and properly manage specific situations, in the event of a conflict or problem with a colleague or client, for example. Show that you are capable of expressing yourself (your expectations, needs and questions) and that you are receptive to your colleagues.