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Top 5 Unusual Jobs

Published by Espresso-Jobs, September 15th, 2016

You’re on the job market, energetically following your daily routine. You stop for a moment and daydream about making a career change. We’ve had that thought ourselves and stumbled upon a fabulous list of unusual jobs that we’d like to share with you! Below are our favorites.
Would you dare to pursue one of these bizarre occupations? Remember, there’s no such thing as a stupid job...

1. Furniture Tester

You hadn’t thought of that, had you? A furniture tester is essential. In addition to having to test the comfort level of different products for hours on end (laying on a bed, sitting on a couch, etc.), the furniture tester must then complete analyses, compare products and make suggestions. The furniture tester has an impact on the marketing of a product.

2. Fortune Cookie Writer

In order to prevent seeing the same messages in all of our fortune cookies and breaking the spell, writers must let their imaginations run wild. Proverbs, premonitions...anything goes! If you’re interested in this profession, you’ll probably have the opportunity to read your work at your next visit to a Chinese restaurant.

3. Golf Ball Diver

Did you think the balls you lost in the golf course pond were gone for good? Well, think again! There really are specialized divers who are tasked with finding these notorious lost balls. Despite the fact that this type of seascape may not be the prettiest, you will still be close to nature.

4. Train Pusher

Have you ever been caught at the subway station, in the middle of rush hour, thinking it will be impossible for you to get into one of the cars? Thanks to train pushers, anything is possible! Mainly employed in Asia, the purpose of train pushers is literally to push as many people as possible into each car in order to maximize capacity. Anyone with agoraphobia or claustrophobia should take note!

5. Professional Cuddler

Gaining popularity in Canada, professional cuddlers have the duty of giving affection to people who need it. Make sure you don’t confuse it with other types of services though! Depending on your investment, a cuddler can spend many minutes embracing a client in need of affection. A seemingly effective therapy!

You can have some fun! Do you have any other unusual jobs you’d care to share with us?

3. Golf Ball Diver
3. Golf Ball Diver