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Ten Things Your Boss Doesn't Need To Know About You

Published by Espresso-Jobs, April 4th, 2017

There are some plans and issues that you shouldn't share with your boss. Here are the top ten things you should keep to yourself!

Your boss doesn't need to know everything. Here, we present Forbes’ top ten list of things that your boss doesn't need to know about you.

1- Your plans to leave the company.

It's better to keep this information to yourself. It doesn't matter if you plan to quit in two months or a year. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t disclose your future plans.

2- Your detailed financial status.

Do you have resources at your disposal? Good for you! But be wary of sharing this information—your boss may decide that it’s a good reason to underpay you. The irony? Not having resources may also be seen as a good reason to underpay you. The logic here is that you really need your job!

3- Your romantic highs and lows.

Your boss doesn't need to know anything about your love life!

4- Your complaints and negative impressions about other employees and/or the company itself.

Talk to your boss about issues that he or she can address. Otherwise, keep them to yourself.

5- Your health status.

Unless you need accommodation or a leave of absence, keep your diagnoses and treatment plans under wraps!

6- Gossip that you have heard about your boss.

Don’t share gossip about your boss or your boss’s boss. In fact, don't share gossip about anyone in the company.

7- Your advice and predictions about moves the company's leadership may make.

Let things unfold naturally. Talk to your sweetheart, your best friend, or your relatives about your predictions—not your boss!

8- Your jobs and activities outside of the company.

You have every right to engage in various activities outside of work. But don't elaborate on these while you're on the job!

9- Your conflicts with other employees.

Only inform your boss if you need his or her help sorting them out!

10- Your daily frustrations.

Everyone has a burden to bear! This includes your boss! Tell him or her about your triumphs, and when you need your boss’s help, ask for it! Beyond that, your daily frustrations are none of your boss's concern. Be strong!