MyShop Concept "LAMPE"

Students within teams, develop their own store concept within this project. After determining their concept's visual identity, students then go onto select their products + services, find a retail location within the city of Montreal, and render a to-scale in-store blueprint, accompanied by supplementary elevations (façade, planogram) and a budget. Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint as well as an online interface known as Trello are used throughout this project.

The template consist

MyShop Inspiration/Essence Collage

The template consists of swatches, patterns, textures, suggested brand typefaces/fonts and lifestyle imagery.

The first of two tem

MyShop Merchandise and Services Selection (Page 1)

The first of two templates indicating a handpicked product selection denoting of our store concept. Products are accompanied by the designer/brand name, a brief description and price. Represented are items that range from key to seasonal through to cross-merchandise.

(as above)

MyShop Merchandise and Services Selection (Page 2)

(as above)

Other Credits

*It should be noted that although my MyShop concept does not reflect the fashion industry, it does account for the recent trend of merging fashion and accessory products with homeware.

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All other references available upon request.