E c cen t r i c

Within this project, I worked toward the creation of a fully personalized, branded and interactive (hyperlinked) portfolio consisting of a CV and business card. Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and possibly Photoshop are used to complete this project.

Featured is a person

D e ca den ce

Featured is a personal branding Colour Palette devised using Adobe Illustrator; attribution for each image has been embedded into the .ai file using the Attributions Panel, therefore credits for the imagery do not appear in a visual sense, though are present nonetheless.

Working from the pre

Personal Branding Preliminary Design Work Page I

Working from the previously developed Colour Palette, I explored the brandmark-making process.

The fonts I chose, a

Personal Branding Preliminary Design Work Page 2

The fonts I chose, are downloaded and studied, then applied within a preliminary logo creation area. Social media icons are also reinterpreted to match their Colour Palette.