The Fashion Enterprise Project is the project of the final term for Fashion Business Department at LaSalle College Jakarta. In which students are required to create and develop their own business of fashion, and eventually start should making profit out of it. This project was a group-of-three project in which the people in the group are determined randomly based on the Lecturer's call. And /combine/ is a women's fashion brand that was developed in the purpose of the project. The business started with the idea of making a casual-semi-formal attire for urban women with dynamic lifestyle. It specializes in the field of women’s apparel that offers comfortable fashion pieces inspired by four fundamental premises; construction, combination, sophistication, and comfort.

/combine/ : The Lookbook

Not just an ordinary brand with basic clothing, /combine/’s design concept is very much inspired by the sporty elements and active lifestyles. All of its products embody the combination of sporty and conservative fabrics that unconventionally creates an edgy, modern, refined, and sophisticated look on the wearer. It is an attire that is aesthetically simple yet attentively well constructed, and significantly, comfortable to wear. It is contemporary, minimalist, relaxed, functional, and clean.

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