Swamp Monster Wines

Swamp Monster Wines is a new venture in wine making based in Milang, South Australia, part of the famous Langhorne Creek wine region. What separates Swamp Monster from other wineries is their focus on a new generation that have a new and different expectations with wine, centred around creating fun and quirky experiences. Swamp Monster create a wide range of wines, both red and white and offer classics with a unique and fun twist. The namesake for this new venture stems from local traditions and colloquial legend. With branding inspired by horror movies of the 1950s, Swamp Monster showcases “Wines From a Stranger Place”, removing wine from the consumer’s traditional mindset and making it an enjoyable yet peculiar drink for a younger generation.

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Business Card

Encompassing the brand and all of its elements.

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Shack Attack & Creature Features

Inspired by horror films of the 1950's and aspects of the town of Milang, Swamp Monster's two signature wines infuse kitsch design with unique packaging elements.

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Swamp Monster's eeri

Web Presence

Swamp Monster's eerie brand extends over to their website, offering an online cellar door and access to events and merchandise.

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Brand Collateral

The Swamp Monster name rolls out across merchandise, winery collateral and signage.