Play it Forward

One Girl is an Australian charity aiming to raise funds to help educate girls in Uganda and Sierra Leone. Their current “Do it in a Dress” campaign runs through August and October and provides the organisation with the majority of their funding. However it is also a large strain on their employees who struggle to manage the workload that it involves each year. The organisation’s challenge is to create a year-long campaign that utilises campaigners’ birthdays, and encourages them to donate their special day to One Girl’s cause and receive donations instead of presents. “Play it Forward” is an on brief and cost effective solution that utilises the efforts of One Girl’s current support base and encourages the use of non traditional media to generate interest. Volunteer’s kick start this campaign by introducing Australia to Brenda, a young Ugandan girl who fought through trials and failures on her journey to education. This is done by encouraging these volunteers to hang large scale banners within their communities wishing Brenda a Happy Birthday and inviting them to a website link. With Brenda’s birthday becoming a viral sensation, visitors are then encouraged to donate their birthday for girls like Brenda in order to receive donations from friends and family. These friends and family who donate to these birthday campaigns receive a randomised challenge or gesture in response, so that every person who surrenders their birthday are still receiving gifts and well wishes in a unique and inexpensive way. Play it Forward gains its traction by encouraging the sharing of photos and videos of these random gestures to continue the flow of fresh and interesting content from users.

Play it Forward Campaign Video

Outlining all aspects from Brenda's Birthday, birthday pledgers and campaign challenges.

Trialling the non tr

"Happy Birthday, Brenda"

Trialling the non traditional methods to be executed by One Girl supporters, a birthday banner for Brenda hangs over a busy road.

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Participants who sig

Pledgers & Donators

Participants who sign up to pledge their birthdays are able to create their own individual campaign page. Those who donate to their campaign are provided with a list of randomised challenges, one is selected to be completed on the pledgers' birthday.

Through constant cir

Social Integration

Through constant circulation of content from birthday pledgers, donators and One Girl themselves, the campaign is able to remain fresh and relevant. With new challenges being completed daily, users rarely see the same challenges carried out more than once.