*Intern-DEC: LaSalle College DBA - Develop, Test and Implement the AGEL DB (MS Visio, SSMS & TFS)

MOTIVATION AND CONTEXT The Department of Computer Sciences and AGEL – Association générale des étudiants du Collège LaSalle were experiencing problems manually tracking the progressiveness of their Interns. They required a new and convenient process to record the exceptions of specific circumstances and consultations agreed by the Enterprises and LaSalle College Montréal. This new process would allow LaSalle College the ability to keep filed records of terminations, coordinations and modifications made by any of the Enterprises in question world wide. NEW SYSTEM DESCRIPTIONS “The AGEL Web Site” is a complete web based application that aid its end-users through the management of LaSalle College's Internship's around the world. The interface utilize the four basic functions of persistent storage known as CRUD to implement the AGEL relational database. In doing so, all end-users gain a tremendous amount of information based on the Student's or Professor's field of study. For example, end-users like Internship Supervisors and Directors are now be able to accurately analyze all data related to their specific degree or other degrees. As a result, all future Students of Internship I Lab (LB) - 420-ST1-AS s.07092 will receive a larger sense of understanding based on previous interns experiences specific to their degree. Technically speaking, “The AGEL Web Site” is designed to combine the Departments of Fashion, Arts & Design, Hotel Management & Tourism, Business & Technologies, Humanities & Social Sciences, E-Learning and AGEL – Association générale des étudiants du Collège LaSalle into one Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise RDBMS for a means of managing all collegial internship's online.


Relational Data Model 2

DESIRED FUNCTIONALITIES The main task is to develop, test and implement a relational database management system suitable to execute basic SQL in order to navigate through its collection of schemas, tables, queries, reports, views and other objects. The database design methodology will have its greatest impact on the overall reliability, performance and security of its tasks locally, nationally or internationally. Therefore, applying a well developed ERD and RDM will generate a compelling system for end-users world wide - Like and comment, thank you!