Win Re/Max Access Project (.mdb, .accdb, C#) - Milestone 1.01 in containerization

This Technical Report was written using Microsoft Word 2016 and exported to Acrobat Reader DC - Technical Reporter and Analyst/Software Developer: Pierre A. Charles

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INTRODUCTION - Aimed towards IT Recruitment Specialist/Headhunter. PROJECT MOTIVATION AND CONTEXT - The client experienced issues with their management of data integrity while tracking inventory of Immovables within the Greater Montreal Area. The client required a new and convenient process for CRUD while operating at the highest levels of data integrity. This new process would allow RE/MAX Canada’s Real Estate Agents to keep on file accurate records of their clients (Buying and Selling transactions), Immovables and search registry base, in order to prevent data corruption or any unforeseen incidents or recurrences within their D2D brokerage operation of RE/MAX's hierarchy - Be sure to like and comment, thank you!

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Microsoft Visual Studio C# 2012 Express | Win Re/Max Access (.mdb, .accdb)

In the preceding pages of the Technical Report, I as an Analyst/Software Developer, listed the experience accumulated during this project by presenting my own personal and professional analysis in preparation for this career building opportunity. This project was successfully built using different technologies and as been updated since June of 2015 for my own personal project and specialization maintenance. Using ADO.NET was challenging and moderate to implement as a C# programming language when establishing its communications between the client and database. In comparison to today’s Enterprise, Large, Mid-Size and Small Businesses, this project is inline with today’s complexities in DevOps has a three-tiered client/server application.