These bridges, along one of the most important avenues in Monterrey city, stand as a reminder of the violence perpetrated by drug cartels as they used them to hang dead human bodies back in 2010-2011, as well as having been left useless after the hurricane Alex hit the city in summer 2010, which brought destruction to the recreational and market areas next to Santa Catarina's riverbed. Since these events took place barely anyone uses those bridges. Some of them were demolished in recent years.

Photography/LCI Monterrey/2uqyn6h0melv7i25jz12io81pc2mw99j
Photography/LCI Monterrey/6hcws28zyqkbtpcvlrrs3aqaneelqr7r
Photography/LCI Monterrey/w3luscyfps3z31xxta3yvurcfhh9qjwo
Photography/LCI Monterrey/xkyf94alidrj13ifzkkpd9afgnbu3qpy