Into the Sea

The sea is unpredictable, its a reminder of human fragility, however making us feel vulnerables it finds the way to seduce us. In my case evokes addictive sensations, fascination over the unknown, desire for everything that cannot belong to me. Through these images, I explore a duality of my emotional states, which I see reflected in the water. Tranquility and violence, anxiety and passivity, that´s the way I can see my self through the sea.

Photography/LCI Monterrey/74fneik2ajfbhppbhry0h0tgtm0ojpnv
Photography/LCI Monterrey/xbp6gdojqglfgag2bkse1hzpursorpzp
Photography/LCI Monterrey/ki13uoqz1vpfghlou9fm2iyrec7uy7fh
Photography/LCI Monterrey/6r28ar89hjwhkjqxxwha82akoev70sqx
Photography/LCI Monterrey/k2lshqmk7fovu5fqr96dw4xgroy4dl9c
Photography/LCI Monterrey/sm038zfotj16fnv0oqjsjxvln7xnzvec
Photography/LCI Monterrey/b6jpf3wtp5dvlcafap01xnbbk00r5c9l
Photography/LCI Monterrey/j9315bepu1861g2gg57vqzshg61q0rqj